Vapour blasting or Aqua blasting is a method of blasting using a very fine media and mixing it with water. This is the ultimate surface impact treatment for stainless steel and other non ferrous metals.

Vapour blasting leaves a super smooth easy wipe stain resistant finish on the work processed.


Other finishes include:

  • Matt vapour blast
  • Standard vapour blast
  • Bright vapour blast


All vapour blasting / aqua blasting is done using media from approved suppliers.

While the media is in use it is constantly passed over magnets to ensure that there is no ferrous contamination.



Our plant size is 8 metres long by 3 metres wide x 3 metres high.


Benefits of vapour blasting / aqua blasting over other methods:

  1. No accidental fold over of metal which is possible with heavy mechanical polishing on welds etc. causing possible micro biological organisms to manifest under the fold. This of course is very important to the food industry.
  2. After vapour blasting there can be no acid weeping from joints and inside of box sections leaving unsightly streaking and contamination on the finished surface.
  3. A consistent finish time and time again.
  4. No impingement of ferrous contamination into the surface.
  5. An accurate cost from your sketch or drawing prior at the quotation stage.


We can supply sample plates showing the different superb finishes we can put on stainless steel, please ring 01422 368758 or use the Contact button

Recent jobs include standard vapour blasting stainless steel cladding, prior to fitting, for the outside of the new Scottish Parliament Building.

We are constantly reviewing our procedures to ensure best quality work.