We currently hold Certification to ISO 2001:2015 standard in respect of our operating procedures and we are very proud of the fact that all our customers’ goods are traceable throughout our processes, from arriving at our works to leaving, and there is accountability at all stages.


On receipt of your goods in to us, it they will be allocated a unique reference number which is used on all documentation associated with it in order to trace it throughout all the processes it will receive.  Any special requests are also noted at this stage.


All goods are inspected on receipt to ensure that:

  1. it is fit for the process you request
  2. it is in good condition

If the material is not suitable for the process required you will be informed and an alternative process advised. If the material is damaged you will be advised and permission to proceed requested.


All goods are stored in a suitable environment for their material and according to the process required.


All lifting equipment used on our premises is tested regularly and is suitable for the material being handled.


Each completed stage of work will be inspected and signed for along with a final inspection on completion


After blasting the goods receive a blow off to remove all dust with dry compressed air.  The compressed air is processed through Hiross filters and a Tundra Refrigeration Air Dryer to remove all water and any contaminants.


The goods are then wrapped if required ready for collection by you or by delivery in our own vehicle.