Using fine non metallic abrasives our beadblasting produces a perfectly clean uniform finish on even the most awkward of shapes. There are several different attractive bead blast finishes we can achieve on stainless steel.

1 stage Matt – an even finish
1 stage beadblasting / dry oxide blasting is done using fine aluminium oxide. This produces a smooth matt grey finish, which is even throughout. This is a budget form of beadblasting and is suitable where a clean even finish is required.

Before beadblasting showing welding marks and after blasting to 1 stage  to produce an even matt finish


2 stage Semi-Sheen  – a bright exciting finish
2 stage beadblasting / dry bead blasting is where the blasting is done using fine glass bead. This produces a smooth, semi sheen finish which is even throughout. As the metal is blasted twice it is more expensive than 1 stage but gives a bright cosmetic finish.

Stainless steel frame 2 stage beadblasted giving a satin finish


3 stage Ultra-smooth sheen – a silky finish
3 stage beadblasting is a superfine dry beadblasting using a very fine glass bead. Finer than either 1 or 2 stage beadblasting, the resulting finish is smooth and therefore easier to keep clean.


3 blasting chambers, largest 14 metres long x 3 metres wide x 3 metres high.


Benefits of bead blasting over other methods:-
1. No accidental fold over of metal which is possible with heavy mechanical polishing on welds etc causing possible micro biological organisms to manifst under the fold. This of course is very important to the food industry.

2. After beadblasting there can be no acid weeping from joints and the inside of box sections leaving unsightly streaking and contamination on the finished surface.

3. A consistent finish time and time again.

4. No impingement of ferrous contamination into the surface.

5. An accurate cost from your sketch or drawing at the quotation stage, prior to processing.

Recent jobs include:-
3 stage beadblasting the stainless steel Cork Footbridge, prior to assembly,
2 stage beadblasting decorative stainless steel pipework for Heathrow Airport and
3 stage beadblasting cladding and street furniture for The Duke of York Shopping Centre, Chelsea.

Sample plates showing the different super finishes are available, please ring 01422- 368758 or use the Contact button.



If cheaper inferior quality blasting media is used (containing up to 5% ferrous contamination when supplied), and / or less care is taken, minute ferrous particles can impinge into the surface of the stainless steel. These microscopic particles are not visible when the job has been newly blasted and will only show up as rusty brown specs when the job sees humidity or water.  All media we use is chosen for its high quality and inspected before use.  All bead blasting is done using media from quality approved suppliers. While the media is in use it is constantly passed over magnets to ensure that there is no ferrous contamination.